RIK Victims

In Red Island the "Red Island Killer" picks his victims by seeing a tattoo on the back of their shoulder.  It can be any tattoo just so long as it is on the back of the shoulder.  I have started collecting pictures of such "victim" tattoos.  If you have one or know of someone who does please email them to me and they will be added to the victim list.  redislandnovel@gmail.com

This tattoo belongs to the character Nicolle Teresa Pereira.
A co-worker/friend vollunteered to be a "victim" in Red Island.
The words are Portuges and mean “Hero’s of the sea.  Salute the sun that rises over a smiling future.”

This belongs to a colleague of my wife's who also happens to be Brandi

This one belongs to an old school friend, Candace.

As seen at the zoo.


  1. I am in deep shit! I have one on each side. 0.o

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