Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer, summer time

So my "day job" is that of a chef at a daycare.  Yes, I said chef!  I'm not a cook.  I make breakfast, lunch, and snack for up to 50 kids and 8 staff 5 days a week.  I get to make my own menu and see what will fly with little kids.  A lot of the kids are from reserves up North so they don't get as exposed to certain foods as everyone else.  For instance I had the kids eating fresh fruit salad including mango and pineapple, tukey breast stuffed with a cranberry raisin sage stuffing, fresh hummus, homemade salad dressings, and homemade granola (no nuts).  Oh and they love tuna casserole, tuna fried rice, and a wicked vegetarian lasagna.

But that's not what I'm blogging about.  Though maybe I should blog some recipes. My job is at the college here helping those with little children better their lives.  Therefore, when the college is closed so is the daycare.  So basically I have been off work for two weeks.

I should be writing my second novel, but it is coming along slowly.  Though I did get some fabulous info from an RCMP facial reconstructionist.  I also don't have internet at home.  Makes things tough for promoting an ebook and getting my name out there.  I'm working my Blackberry overtime.  There are times I get Twitter all over myself.

So those who are fans or friends, be patient.  I promise there will be more blog posts coming soon.  For instance I am interviewing Sgt. Reid, my main character.  Perhaps he will let slip what his first name is.

Back to writing book two.

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