Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review of BLOODY MURDER by Kate Kulig

Okay so I'm trying my hand at this reviewing other novels thing.  If you know me intimately you know that I was never a fan of reading.  Pretty stupid for a guy who wanted to be a writer since he was 10.  In school I moronically (my new word - it'll catch on) prided myself on getting through English class without reading the actual books we were studying.  I have since read most of those books...Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, Slaughter House 5 and so on.

Since becoming a published Indie writer I have decided to read Indie authors and give some reviews.  I'm starting with those that have reviewed my novel.  So for my first official review....Bloody Murder by Kate Kulig.

Bloody Murder is the definition of a cozy mystery.  It is not action packed and there is no gore, but you quickly start to care about the main character, Zo, and you want to stick around.  It made me want to curl up in a chair and read on to unravel the mysteries in this woman’s life.  Zo owns a mystery book store titled, of course, Bloody Murder in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  That is the one city in the world I would like to go to so I thank Kate Kulig for taking me there.

I don’t judge books by their covers, but I do judge books by their opening lines.  “I’ve never seen a crime scene contaminated by muffins before,” had me hooked.  I also then have to give bonus marks to someone who uses the line, "Nothing comes between me and good food."

Now I will say that the first half of the novel is slow.  You learn about Zo and all of the characters that work in and out of her Bloody Murder bookstore, you learn about her ill-fated career in journalism and the sadness she had from her tragic family life.  But you are also witness to her growing relationship with Michael.  As you round the halfway mark you have to keep reading to find out what happens.

I’m really looking forward to reading Kate Kulig’s second novel in this series, Post Parcel, to find out what else happens to Zo and her friends.
4 stars out of 5
(There are formatting errors and some spelling missteps much like the ones I have in Red Island.  Seeing as I have the same mistakes there isn't much I can say about it.)

For my next review I will be reading Assaulted Souls by William Blackwell (a PEI writer)

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