Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Review of TWO GRAVES by DA Graystone

I was bullied in school, but nowhere as bad as Preston Peterson.  My bullying was more in my head than in reality, but I get how it can make you feel.  I can understand how someone would want to get revenge.

 In Two Graves, kind of by accident, Preston gets a taste of what it was like to strike back at the people who liked torturing the week.  He got a taste for murder.  And he liked it.  At first I sympathised with Preston and how he wanted to get back at the bullies from his high school years, even though his revenge blinded him to the fact that he was killing people who only looked like the bullies.  I was on Preston’s side right up until Benji.  I dealt with the sick things this killer did.  I cringed at the pain from one victim and I felt ready to vomit at what he did to the reporter, but once he killed Benji I was on Lt. Mann’s side.

 As a second story Lt. Mann, a cop who put his own reputation on the line to weed out those who would soil the police force, had a strong hatred for the largest mafia family in town.  When it becomes Southside Slasher vs. mafia hitman all bets were off.

 Now for the honest side of things.  With two, sometimes four, stories going on at once it occasionally was tricky to figure out which story I was on, but since my own novel is similar – who am I to bitch?  I will say I was not a fan of the ending.  It was like having a great season finale with a flop for a new season premier.  You get all excited only to have it fall flat.  But it was still a great read and I highly recommend it.


My rating is 4 stars

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