Thursday, 31 May 2012

I Am an Indie Author

I am an Indie Author.  Before publishing Red Island:  A Novel on the Kindle site I never really heard or gave much thought to "Indie" authors.  I wanted to get the big agent and get the big publishing deal and get the dream that one out of a million writers gets, but then reality slapped me in the face.  Damn, that hurts.

The fact is a zillion things have to fall in line to get that big deal.  The agent has to be in the mood to be grabbing a brand new writer.  The publisher has to be ready, willing, and able to promote and push said new writer.  The writer has to put his/her manuscript into the mail at the exact time to catch the agent when he/she is in a good mood.  The post office has to be open.  The printer has to work.  The weather has to hold.  I could go on but I'm pretty sure you get the gist.

For the Indie Author all you really need is to write the story, edit the story, format the story, and make sure your internet is working right.  There are so many people out there ready and willing to help the Indie Author.  All you have to do is be ready and willing to do the work to find these people and build relationships with them.  I am struggling to try and get it right.

I am proud to say that I am an Indie Author.

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